Setting off on a career or taking up new professional challenges rank among the most important decisions in life. TYROLIT offers you a whole range of opportunities, whether you have just finished your education or you have already gained a lot of experience.

Your employment at TYROLIT doesn’t depend on your age, your gender or your nationality – we only consider your qualifications and talents. Naturally we also analyze whether you are suited for TYROLIT – and whether TYROLIT is suited for you.

We place great value on a conscientious selection of personnel. Following a thorough analysis of the application documents, we hold a personal interview in order for both sides to be able to get to know each other. Besides the professional requirements, it is important to us to see which personal and social qualities you have, as these help to reveal whether you will be able to actively participate as a “whole person” in the future development of TYROLIT.

As an applicant you can expect a professional and appreciative approach from our recruitment personnel.