TYROLIT, a company with a unique driving force behind its innovations. The company has been dominating its markets for almost 100 years with superior products.

  • Secur ST, the super-thin large cut-off wheel for the metal industry
  • Multi-wire technology opens up new applications
  • .0.75 mm cut-off wheel from the portable range; cutting small cross-sections, rods and metal reinforcements can be performed extremely fast and with ease
  • High-speed grinding wheel with vibration damping core (CFRP)
  • High-performance wire ropes for granite quarrying
  • Startec XP, high-performance product range for the tool-making industry
  • Secur Rollstar, high-performance range for roll grinding
  • Focur SA, new generation of diamond tools for cast part machining
  • CSS Ultra, closes the performance gap between conventional and superabrasive tools
  • Strato Ultra, milestone in turbine machining
  • Wire saws, highest flexibility during positioning of the machine for offshore applications and decommissioning of power stations