The technical tasks begin with the raw materials and only end with the user. This wide spectrum represents a special challenge for the R&D department of a company such as TYROLIT that is driven by technology. The achievements in this field are one of the main factors in the success of TYROLIT.

  • Glass-fibre reinforcement in the cut-off and roughing wheel sector (1952)
  • Hot cutting technology exceeding 1000°C for metals (1974)
  • Maximum-porosity ceramic bonded grinding tools
  • High-speed vitrified-bonded grinding wheels (120 m/s)
  • High-speed vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheel – approved up to 200 m/s
  • Laser-welded diamond dry-cutting saws (1984)
  • Vitrified-bonded diamond grinding wheels for PCD and PCBN (1994)
  • Super-thin cut-off wheel in portable range (1992)
  • Automation of portable range production
  • Direct sintering of dry-cutting saws
  • Near-netshape procedure for the production of small vitrified grinding tools with precise contouring
  • Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) for trueing glass machining tools