Quality in construction and industry bears the name TYROLIT, TYROLIT Hydrostress or Diamond Products. Besides high quality products, our application engineering offers support and elaborate solutions in all scopes of structural and civil engineering, as well as prestressed concrete and refractory industry.

Due to more than 90 years of experience, we are able to offer centrally and on-site a variety of individually elaborated supporting measures for our international customers:

Trainings, special courses and seminars

Trainings and special courses in the area of application and service engineering are carried out on site by our team or at our training centers in Switzerland and in Austria. Particular attention is paid to an understandable and practical transfer of experience and know-how. International building and construction road shows are carried out jointly by marketing, product management and application engineering. Therefore all participants worldwide gain valuable knowledge and expertise within a short time.

Globally performed trainings for trade-partners, courses for intermediate and end customers, as well as safety trainings in cooperation with the chief security officers of the industry, enable an extensive and continuing process of learning regarding  the use of more than 80,000 different products and countless applications. Particularly in the field of metal processing, these training concepts are, depending on the application area, compiled and conducted in consultation with precision machining specialists.


Worldwide unique: the TYROLIT wire saw academy

In the field of controlled demolition, wire sawing is a processing technology, which is used with increasing frequency. Almost unlimited applications require extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience. To stay abreast of these changes TYROLIT founded a unique training platform, the TYROLIT wire saw academy.

In 2010 the first TYROLIT wire saw academy was carried out in India. Specially trained application engineers and local sales staff provide users of our customers the opportunity to specialize and develop themselves in this processing method. After passing the final examination a certificate confirms the knowledge and the ability to use diamond wires and diamond wire saws effectively and safely.


Project management and implementation

Various international projects in tunneling and underwater construction, offshore or demolition of nuclear power plants are only a few scopes, in which customers plan and implement projects successfully together with our application engineers.

  • Assignment of tasks
    Detailed description of the project and the solution through the creation of plans, drawings and animations  
  • Request calculation
    Calculating the required number of machines, tools and personnel according to the project plan 
  • Support
    Depending on the nature and scope of a project, an application engineer or a team is, from the beginning on, at hand with help and advice. In addition to courses and project-aligned process trainings , this guarantees a smooth start-up  according to schedule.